Any entre…I mean ganjapreneurs out there?? Thursday evening Keke Palmer took to Instagram to announce the release of the teaser for a new film she’s working on titled, Ganjapreneurs. The teaser features Keke, singer/songwriter Jane Handcock, and “Momma Sharon” as Keke calls her.

Keke and Jane play the roles of two fun and goofy stoner chicks displaying the effects that a good bong hit or two, or ten, can have on an individual. Mid-spark “Ms. Holloway” played by “Momma Sharon” barges in and kicks the girls out for filling her house with smoke. Despite the girls’ plea with Ms. Holloway to allow them to stay, they are still forced to leave, but not without a blunt in hand!

From the looks of the teaser, Ganjapreneurs looks like it’ll be lit, LITERALLY. In the words of Ms. Palmer, if “Friday meets Pineapple Express” sounds interesting to you then be on the lookout because Ganjapreneurs is being created with you in mind!

Watch the teaser for Ganjapreneurs below:

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