Watch: KeKe Palmer releases Visual EP Lauren


“I just don’t know how to he vulnerable…Thats not something I can easily do”, KeKe says as she sits in the studio with music producer, Sean Garrett on their road to creating Lauren. Earlier today, KeKe along with Island Records finally released the five track EP, and now Kids everywhere are rejoicing because the visual component of the project is know available via The Visual EP is filled with tons of behind the scenes footage of the singer/songwriter in studio.

As a lover of KeKe and all of her projects, it’s really nice to see a side to her that most of us can connect with the most, her human side. Lauren visually is a perfect balance between Lauren the human & KeKe the superstar.  We get to see Lauren, the girl that can admit she still has doubts and to her core is just a normal chick from Mudville, Chi-town, and then of course KeKe Palmer the confident, 23 year old goddess. Lauren has something for every music lover, and is filled with not only musical gems, but knowledge as well. Whether it be from the wisdom we can obtain just from watching her interaction with others as she navigates her way through the entertainment  industry or just the short talk breaks in between the videos. But don’t just take it from me, check out the compilation of videos below & click HERE to see my full review of Lauren.


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