I normally try to stay away from generalizations, but in this case I’m ALL FOR IT! So first, let me say that Mr. KevOn Stage is completely ON POINT with this video.  As I scrolled down my Facebook feed I came across this video and the title alone intrigued me instantly. Also, the captions of my Facebook friends who shared the video reading, “YES KEV!” and “Thank you Kev for breaking this down!” made me anxious to see what this guy had to say. Being that I’m a black woman myself, of course I’ve heard many misconceptions about black women and have even had them directed towards me personally, so hearing a man confidently share with the world that these aren’t truths made me really happy.

Watch below:


Mysterious? Maybe. Hardworking? Definitely. Bitter and Angry? Nah. See, what I love so much about this video is that while being entertaining, if you’re listening with the the correct ear, you’ll realize that not only is Kev telling you that these misconceptions are false, he’s also challenging you to evaluate yourself. He’s saying, you probably think A, because of B, when really A isn’t true, the problem is you!

I completely agree with Kev but as a black woman I feel the need to give another explanation about how these misconceptions aren’t true:

#1 They wear weave because they don’t like their hair

Honestly, I am 100% lazy when it comes to hair. My hair is interesting to say the least and it’s VERY high maintenance. I don’t feel like spending 3 hours flat ironing my hair just to go to the gym the next day and sweat it out. I also don’t feel like parting it into 3,795,385,836,924 sections to detangle (shout out to the natural girls out there, you all are the real MVPs). This doesn’t mean I don’t like my hair. I actually love it! I just don’t have time for it and I love the versatility I get from wearing weaves, braids, faux locs, etc.

#2 Black women won’t submit to a man

Kev pinned the tail right on that donkey. That’s false. We will submit to a man WORTH submitting to, AND we’ll treat him like the king that he is, if he’s WORTH it.

#3 Black women always have attitudes

(inserts side eye emoji here) not true! That “I can sense BS meter” is accurate. We aren’t going for it. Anyone who says a black woman has an attitude because she’s turned off by someone’s nonsense is really just looking for an excuse to cover up the fact that they’re embarrassed that black woman called them out on their crap.

#4 Black women are lonely, bitter, and angry

I personally never feel lonely. EVER. Bitter and angry? Refer to previous explanation. And remember our happiness is not determined by our relationship status.

#5 Black women are loud and ghetto

Dang, this one just might be true….

…..if I’m at a Brandy, J. Cole, or Chris Brown concert! Don’t let it be a Kirk Franklin show, I’m church clapping, milly rocking, and you better believe I’m loud! Singing those lyrics at the top of my lungs right along with EVERY. ONE. ELSE!!!

The purpose of this post isn’t to say that black women are superior to, or stronger than any other woman. It’s actually a shame that we even have to explain this. The purpose is to get people to understand us outside of the misconceptions. Think about other possible scenarios before you judge us because most of the time, those judgements are false.

Like Kev said, black women are everything that every other woman is…. with a sprinkle of melanin on top!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this vid & I so love your extra explanation, being a black woman myself can sooo confirm. “black women are everything that every other woman is…. with a sprinkle of melanin on top!” my fave line!!!


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