The B-Side: Netta Brielle Talks Brandy +Chris Brown vs Usher & New Album 580

Tune in with The B-Side as we get REAL with the  Netta Brielle. Netta B is a Bay Area native, singer and songwriter who is extremely passionate about music. Netta shares with the B-Side Crew, her journey  to success, which includes being signed to Atlantic Records, as well as the things she currently loves about being an independent artist. Netta Brielle also gives us her in depth reasoning for why artist like Brandy Norwood and Chris Brown are some her favorite. Lastly Netta  discusses her latest project 580 and also gives us an exclusive update on what projects she’s currently working  on.She’s fresh, intriguing and definitely someone you can’t forget about. Get ready to be drawn in with our interesting convo with Netta Brielle.


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