Artist To Watch: PJ releases New Album ‘Rare’


If your familiar with Artist like Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Fantasia, and Wiz Khalifa, then you should definitely be familiar with the Singer-Songwriter responsible for several of their latest Hits! If your not, her name is Paris Jones, but you can call her PJ or Peej for short. She reigns out of North Carolina, but currently lives in LA wheres she’s been on her grind for a minute now. Recently signed to Atlantic Records, PJ is taking a step back from writing for others, and inserting herself into the spotlight with the release of her debut album, ‘Rare’.

“Rare’ is a reflection of some of PJ’s greatest inspirations, which include artist like Lauryn Hill, Nas, and even teen pop Disney soundtracks. On this project, Jones and D’Mile, her producer, were able to produce a beautiful work of art that tells the story of self acceptance, which is something that most people struggle with.

Peej states,”I feel like I lived so many years miserable,” she said. “It took me 26 years to be comfortable in the skin I’m in. I really wish I knew I was this cool the way that I was.”

FullSizeRender 17.jpg
I personally had the opportunity to experience the magic of PJ live this summer and she is definitely an artist to watch. Her voice is so rich and pure not to mention her presence is so lovable which only makes one love and appreciate her sound even more.

She is truly an inspiration to anyone who has the desire to be successful, but may not have the confidence just yet. As stated before, it took her 26 years to become comfortable in her skin, but she’s now well on her way to a successful music career.

This summer she was the opening act for K.Michelle in her Hello Kimberly Tour, but I guarantee you that PJ will soon be headlining a tour of her own!


In the meantime, Check out a few of my top picks off of her debut album Rare below, and don’t forget to purchase your copy on iTunes Now!


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