Last night K. Michelle stopped in SF for one of the last shows on her Hello Kimberly Tour and it was super dope! K is an amazing performer and an even better song writer and story teller! Watching her perform these songs that she wrote from her own experiences is inspiring in so many ways!

Songs like Build A Man show how K. Michelle has turned negative situations or bad relationships into something as beautiful as a piece of art, a song. In addition to the lyrics that she so wonderfully delivered, K gifted us with a visual backdrop displaying faces of some of her ex boyfriends including Lance Stephenson, Chris Johnson, R Kelly and Idris Elba.

K’s entire set told a story, the story of K. Michelle. She invited us into her world and gave us a sense of what it feels like to walk in her shoes, through song. She took us back to her mixtape days, before signing with Atlantic Records and performed her version of Chris Brown’s hit Loyal. And of course she bestowed us with pieces of her life from her each of her albums; Rebellioius Soul, Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart? and More Issues Than Vogue. K was very intimate with the crowd, she gave us stories and inspirations for each song she performed and showed us a different side of her that we don’t get to see when watching Love & Hip-Hop!

K. Michelle has numerous goodies in store for us including alcohol via her partnership with Jack Daniels, and she additionally announced that she has new music coming our way so we can’t wait to experience what she’s been working on!

Thanks for an AMAZING concert K!


Check out the concert recap below:

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