New Music: Jay Z Releases his first single in Years

Jay Z released a new solo piece for the first time in almost three years, as the the World watched all of the terror going on in Dallas last night.

Spirituals message is a depiction of what it is like to be Black in the United States. Its artwork is simple yet powerful. The Black Square represents the feeling and emotion the African American community is feeling due to the loss of the many recent victims.

with lyrics such as

Pray your father’s father wasn’t touching his little daughter
Creating trans-generational trauma, that shit’ll haunt ya
Pray your little cousin ain’t fall from the place that you fall asleep
Of course it’s harmful (no high)
Nigga ain’t those, I ain’t washin’ the weave
I ain’t changed clothes ’til the Black Album
Y’all rap about it, I’m wrestlin’ in these streets
‘Til I tapped out ’em, them niggas is WWE

Stream the song below via TIDAL


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